Devnarayan ki Phad

‘Phad’ is a traditional scroll painting unique to the region of Bhilwara, Rajasthan. For many nomadic communities like the Rebari, Phad is a medium to worship their local deities ‘Devnarayan’ and ‘Pabuji’. It is believed that a thousand years ago, Devnarayan and Pabuji were kings of small villages whose stories later morphed into legends. Devnarayan… Read more »

Of Gods and Covid-19

From pattachitra works showing mythological figures wearing face masks to elaborate Phad paintings that stress the importance of social distancing, India’s indigenous and tribal artists have been creating artworks with important messages about precautionary measures against Covid-19 of late.

City As Lab

City As Lab is a program run by the education consulting firm and think tank Reniscience Education, which aims to foster a spirit of scientific curiosity and a love for research in school children. City As Lab is a yearly project undertaken by schools in different Indian cities over a period of a few months,… Read more »

Storytelling in India

Myths are born and heroes are made through the art of storytelling. When a bard travels from village to village narrating tales of a local event or a minor god, they’re scattering the seeds that will one day grow into a towering forest of legends. Generations will take shade and find inspiration here. This month,… Read more »

The Never-Ending Story

We look at three indigenous art forms from the Sarmaya collection and listen to the timeless tales that animate them