Princely state

Bala Rama Varma, Silver 1/4 Rupee of Travancore

Bala Rama Varma was the last ruling Maharaja of the princely state of Travancore until its annexation by independent India in 1949. This silver coin issued under his name has the royal emblem of the conch on the obverse side, with a legend in Malayalam translating to “Travancore Half Rupee Chitra” encircled by an olive… Read more »

Ganga Singh, Silver, One Paisa

This is a silver coin issued by the state of Bikaner under Ganga Singh, the Maharaja of the Princely State of Bikaner from 1888 to 1934. On the obverse is a mustachioed portrait of the king, with a turban worn in the Bikaneri style. Around the portrait is inscribed “Mahadhiraj Rajshri Ganga Singh Bahadur” in… Read more »