Progressive Artists


This image shows a townscape interspersed with buildings and trees. The primary colours here are yellow, green, black and ash – while the signature ‘Souza-esque’ style of blunt, cruel humour is lent by the powerful strokes of green and yellow, fierce lines and bold swaths of ash. Souza believed that art offered the only respite… Read more »

Woman with Parrot

This particular painting of a woman with a parrot perched on her shoulder is perhaps inspired from the sculptures of ‘alasa kanyas’ popular in medieval Indian temples. Thota Vaikuntam is known to capture the simple lifestyle of villagers through his paintings. He depicts scenes of paddy fields, toddy pots on shoulders of men, household chores,… Read more »

Red Horse Galloping

A self-taught artist, born in the small town of Pandharpur in Maharashtra, MF Husain has had an extraordinary career. It began with painting cinema posters and toys in Bombay and only really took off after he became a member of the PAG. His primary pictorial concern was to imagine a secular modern Indian art, to… Read more »