Satya Narayan

Untitled (Tree of Life)

The theme of the painting is based on a philosophical concept known as the ‘Tree of life’. This concept elevates the symbol of the tree to a sacred one, which is respected and worshipped all over the world, Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, Judaism. The symbol has been found sculpted or painted in relics of ancient… Read more »


The theme of this painting is religious, it showcases the deity, Ardhanareshwar. The right side of the central figure of the painting is Shiva and the left, Parvati. In rare depictions of the Shakti cult, Parvati is shown on the right because the group believes the Goddess to be the creator of all beings, and… Read more »

Untitled (Godna style)

Godna paintings, like this one, look similar to Ariipana (floor) paintings but are different in motifs used, which is stylistically typical to the Dalit and the Dusadh community. Much like the upper caste tradition of Kachni and Bharni Mithila paintings, the Dalit and Dusadhs castes have, for decades, been decorating the walls of their homes… Read more »