Siege of Kanpur

Plan of Battle of Cawnpoor 6 December 1857

The map traces a decisive battle between the British forces led by Colin Campbell and Tantia Tope, an old associate of Nana Sahib. In November 1857, Tantia Tope, who had been active in Central India with the Gwalior Contingent, headed towards Kanpur to recapture it. They were defeated by the British army and Tantia Tope… Read more »

Massacre at Cawnpore

The first Indian Uprising broke out in the East India Company’s army in May, 1857 and the campaign to suppress it lasted till April 1859. The course of the Uprising followed five distinct phases; first came the outbreak and the measures taken immediately; this was followed by the capture of Delhi and the two reliefs… Read more »

Attack on the Mutineers at Cawnpore

Kanpur was the scene of a massacre after the city’s besieged occupants, including women and children, surrendered to the revlting natives on 27 June 1857. The recapture of the city then and the avenging of the massacre became a primary objective of the British officials. The city was retaken from the natives on 16 July… Read more »