South Indian coins

A Story of India in 12 Silver Coins

A rebellious empress, a great ruler of the south, a British queen taking the reins of a colony in revolt. Travel through time and discover Indian history through twelve exceptional silver coins

Chera, Copper, Un-inscribed

The Chera dynasty ruled in southern India during the Sangam age between 3rd Century BC and 9th Century AD. During this time, the biggest empires in the region were the Cheras, Cholas and Pandyas. The Cheras, who controlled the west Malabar coast, were the first powerful dynasty from Kerala and hence given the moniker Keralaputras,… Read more »

Sarmaya Collector’s Edition: On coins

Find out how the founder of Sarmaya was inspired to start his collection of rare Indian art and historical artefacts. Paul Abraham explains the power of old coins to instantly transport him to another world. It’s a kind of magic that has lasted a lifetime and led him to many other fascinating discoveries. This is… Read more »