Still Life

Untitled (Still Life)

This undated work is a still life painting by K H Ara (1914-1985). His artistic expressions were characterised by robust nudes and still lifes, marked by a life-affirming positivity and zeal. He was a self-taught artist who ran away from home to pursue his artistic career in Bombay. Born in 1913 in Andhra Pradesh, KH… Read more »

Untitled (A Flower pot)

This painting is among the early works of Jamini Roy. Trained in European painting styles in the Government School of Bengal, Roy began his career with realistic oil portraits and post-impressionist landscapes. He produced several paintings in this style from 1905 to 1930s, but his later indigenous bent oeuvre overshadows them. One such painting in… Read more »

Nude with Still Life

In this painting, Badri Narayan has juxtaposed the figure of a seated female nude with a still-life composition. So much so that the woman itself appears to be another fixture in the still-life composition. There is a certain mystic dream-like quality to the painting that is a feature common to a lot of Badri Narayan’s… Read more »

Still Life

This undated work is a still-life painting by modern artist K H Ara (1914-1985). KH Ara’s still-life compositions were all his own, untouched by the shadow of the looming figures of western still-life like Rembrandt or Cezanne. As with everything else, Ara crafted his own style and technique even with this form. Here, he uses techniques that… Read more »

Woman with Parrot

This particular painting of a woman with a parrot perched on her shoulder is perhaps inspired from the sculptures of ‘alasa kanyas’ popular in medieval Indian temples. Thota Vaikuntam is known to capture the simple lifestyle of villagers through his paintings. He depicts scenes of paddy fields, toddy pots on shoulders of men, household chores,… Read more »