‘By saving our tigers, we saved our rivers too’

Did you know that most of India’s rivers originate in forests? To understand this invisible connection, we interviewed conservationist, naturalist, wildlife photographer and President of the Wildlife Conservation Trust, Dr Anish Andheria

Wild Things

Created using oil paint and 22 ¾ gold leaf on Gesso panels, Jethro Buck’s painting ‘Wild Things’ borrows and meshes together a potpourri of images from across the global landscape – from pastoral England to Mughal India. This miniature style painting teases a range of dynamic figures – animal and human – who go about… Read more »

Solo Tiger by Jangarh Singh Shyam

The Gond community is regarded as one of the oldest and largest surviving adivasi communities of India. The term Gond is derived from the word ‘Kond’ meaning ‘green mountains’; a majority of the people live in the lush forested regions of Madhya Pradesh, but there are also some Gonds to be found in pockets of… Read more »

Dewan Purnaiya, Copper 25 Cash Coin of Mysore Mint

This is a copper coin issued by Krishnacharya Purniya who was the regent (or Dewan) of the Mysore monarch Krishnaraja Wodeyar. On the obverse side is the depiction of the “Sardula” – a mythological beast with leonine features and horns, and an inscription in Kanarese in two registers. On the topmost register of this side… Read more »

Dewan Purnaiya, Regent for Krishna Raja Wodeyar III

Krishnaraja was placed on the throne when he was a young boy of 5 and therefore his prime minister Dewan Purniya, the former finance minister, served as regent until 1810. This coin was issued during the regency period and features the sardula, the mythical tiger of Mysore. On the reverse, you’ll see the mint name… Read more »

Dewan Purnaiya, Regent for Krishna Raja Wodeyar, Copper 12 1/2 Cash

Two die varieties of fine and scarce coins are seen, which commemorate Dewan Purnaiya, the first Dewan or Prime Minister of the Mysore State. He served three rulers with distinction: Hyder Ali, Tipu Sultan and finally, upon Tipu’s death, the five-year-old Krishnaraja Wodeyar III. Purnaiya is remembered for laying the foundation of the state’s sound… Read more »