Group of Guests

This is an image from the larger album titled “The investiture of the Maharaja Madho Rao Scindia of Gwalior” – an event that was attended by various European guests and dignitaries. This image is of the king’s guests posing on the steps of the Sahasra Bahu Temple in Gwalior.

An Officer at Rest flanked by Native Attendants

This is most likely a staged photograph of a European official flanked by his attendants. While one performs the role of the traditional chauri-bearer, waving a large bamboo hand fan, and another holds the base of an elbaorate hookah, a third standing figure on the left of the official seems to be bringing in official… Read more »

Madras; Native Fishermen

Fishing in India is a community based profession, and the fishemen communities in Tamil Nadu comprise Mukkuvar, Paravar, Chetti, and Pattinavar among others. The three native fishermen in the photograph are seen here on the Madras(now Chennai) shoreline donning the local attire. Their traditional boat, known as the kattumaram was the first two hull boat… Read more »


Samuel Bourne’s Himalayan expedition was an arduous one as he pursued photography and documented the untouvhed landscapes and sights in India. This photograph from the 1860s shows the giant or King fern, flora typical to this region.

Himalaya; View of the Kullu Landscape

This photograph of the Wanga Valley by Samuel Bourne captured in 1863 showing the Himlayan glaciers. During his three Himalayan expeditions, Bourne photo documented landscapes in compoistions and artistic styles that appealed to the Victorian notions of the ‘picturesque’ and unusual landscapes such as this image formed a category in itself.

Mount Abu; View of the Nukhi Talao (now Nakki Talav)

This is a photograph of the Nakki talao, Mount Abu, from James Burgess’ book ‘Photographs of Architecture and Scenery in Gujarat and Rajputana’ taken by Colin Murray in 1872. The hill station of Mount Abu is an important place of worship for Jain pilgrimages. It is a popular tourist attaraction, renowned for the group of… Read more »

Rendition of Fort

This is a photograph taken by Lala Deen Dayal & Sons of a procession during the investiture ceremony of Maharaja Sir Madho Rao Scindia of Gwalior. They were commissioned by the Maharaja to cover the event. A few commoners and soldiers assembled at the Gwalior fort during the procession.

The Temples of the Shravanas

This very striking picture represents the temple of the Sacred Tank of the Shravans, or Jains, situated at Bellagolla, in Mysore. The building is dedicated to Bhadra Bahn, a holy man of the Jains who lived in the fourth century. On the summit of the hill which rises to a height of 3,250 feet may… Read more »

Musicians, Karlee

This is a late 19th century photograph of a group of musicians at Karle Caves by an unidentified photographer. On the backdrop can be seen buddha figures meditating, and a row of elephants all carved onto the monolithic structure. The musicians appear to be in motion playing an assortment of instruments, which include Nagaras, and… Read more »