Whose land is it anyway?

We examine the themes presented in Saju Kunhan’s work as they are represented in our collection of rare 19th-century portraits, war photography, engravings, contemporary art and Warli painting

Hidden Figures

Warli artist Rajesh Wangad harnesses technology to tell a compelling story of loss and the true cost of “progress” through this video, which narrates the history of his tribe and the way they have lived for generations — and how all that is changing.

Rhythm Of The Earth

We’re loving this addictive song and gorgeous video by the hip-hop collective Swadesi Movement in collaboration with activist and “tribal chieftain of Aarey” Prakash Bhoir. This video is made in support of the ‘Save Aarey’, an effort by environmentalists and citizens to oppose the construction of a metro car-shed in the forested area of Aarey in urban Mumbai.

Around the Warli

Three major Indian art forms—Warli, Mithila and Gond—are being showcased at the travelling exhibition ‘Many Visions, Many Versions’, which has covered various locations across America in 2018-19. The show is curated by Aurogeeta Das and David Szanton and is currently at the Weisman Art Museum in Minnesota till 6 January, 2019. It includes the works… Read more »

Warli: Harvesting

Warli is a tribal artform mostly created by natives of the North Sahyadri ranges of India, encompassing many regions of Maharashtra. Originally warli was done on the walls of their huts by women, but now men also practice this art. The subject matter is always depictions of their day to day life and their close… Read more »