Portraying Pregnancy

Starting with 15th century images of the Visitation, an ongoing show at the Foundling Museum in London looks at over 500 years of artistic renderings of pregnant women. Covering mostly British art, the show includes a range of portraits, caricatures and even anatomical models.

A Museum of Women’s History

A bill passed by the U.S. House of Representatives takes the establishment of a museum dedicated to women’s history in Washington D.C. one step closer to reality. The U.S., which is celebrating the 100th anniversary of its women’s suffrage movement will now need its Senate to approve the bill as well.

Radha 1

Suhas Roy’s female forms inhabit a dreamlike space between sensual and innocent. This is one such work from his popular series Radha. Contrary to the popular imagination of a Radha as an icon, Roy’s Radha is a melancholy, yet graceful figure. Suhas Roy’s art works primarily focus on the female face and form that are… Read more »