Zarina Hashmi

Delhi III

This composition is part of Zarina Hashmi’s (1937-2020) series of woodcut prints. Delhi III is part of Zarina Hashmi’s celebrated Delhi series. This striking woodcut shows the river Yamuna, a lifeline of her beloved city. The artist drew the river from memory, fashioning it as geographic border. Witness to the horrors of the India-Pakistan partition… Read more »

Whose land is it anyway?

We examine the themes presented in Saju Kunhan’s work as they are represented in our collection of rare 19th-century portraits, war photography, engravings, contemporary art and Warli painting

Zarina Hashmi and the idea of home

Witness to the horrors of Partition as a child, Zarina dedicated her decades-long career to exploring the idea of home and belonging, and the lingering pain of displacement

Delhi II

Zarina Hashmi, who goes only by her first name, is a master of the art of printmaking. Born in 1937 in Aligarh, she studied mathematics and statistics before finding her artistic calling on the road. While accompanying her husband on various diplomatic missions around the world, Zarina studied the art of printmaking and woodblock printing… Read more »