‘An Embarrassment of Riches: Glimpses from India’s Natural History’ by Bikram Grewal

In his talk, ‘An Embarrassment of Riches: Glimpses from India’s Natural History’, ornithologist, conservationist and author Bikram Grewal acquaints us with the vast treasures of the Indian countryside, as documented in the ancient cave paintings of Bhimbetka, the intricate art of the Mughal courts and the copious documents of the British Raj.

Grewal grew up in the dense evergreen forests of India’s north-east where he first developed his love for natural history. He worked in publishing in England, Hong Kong, Singapore and Delhi before he gave up his career to devote time to the conservation of wildlife, especially rare birds. He has written over thirty books on the subject and founded BirdsofIndia.org, among the top ten birding sites in the world. When he’s not travelling or teaching, he spends his time between his farm in Dehradun and his boat in the Sundarbans.