Exploring the Indian Palate: Why We Eat What We Eat by Dr Kurush Dalal

With his talk titled Exploring the Indian Palate: Why We Eat What We Eat, Dr Kurush Dalal kept us entertained as he busted common food myths and traced the food journeys of our species over the millenia. He then narrowed his focus to talk about the variety and surprising origins of Indian foods that we take completely for granted, from the humble potato to the ubiquitous papaya.

Dr Kurush Dalal is an archaeologist, historian, food anthropologist and raconteur. He has a PhD on the Early Iron Age from Pune University, but subsequently shifted focus to the early medieval and colonial periods. He is an Assistant Professor of the Archeology Department at the University of Mumbai and the co-director of the Salcette Explorations Project, which documents the archaeology of Mumbai. Recently, he’s taken a keen interest in researching culinary anthropology and food archaeology. Dr Dalal owns Katy’s Kitchen, a beloved and popular Mumbai catering service specialising in ethnic Parsi food.

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