‘Music Makers in the Gramophone Era: The Women on Record Project’ by Vidya Shah

“In the beginning, many artists had an inhibition that acoustic technology, or later the microphone, could secretly siphon off all the goodness and power of their voice, just as ‘making soup out of meat and vegetables robs them of their nutrients!” Vidya Shah delivered a lecture for Sarmaya Talks on 26th April 2024, at Jaan Joss, Kala Ghoda, Mumbai

Vidya Shah is a singer, musician and composer. She is a recipient of the Charles Wallace Award and a Senior Fellowship from the Government of India for her project Women on Record, a performance highlighting the contributions of the forgotten women performers of the gramophone era. She has received the Tagore Scholarship 2023 from the Govt of India for her work on Bhakti poets. She is the author of Jalsa: Indian Women’s Journey from the Salon to the Studio and Nadaswaram: The Sound of Gods, a book for young adults. Vidya made her Bollywood debut in the film Manto. She is the Director of Bhooma Trust, set up to preserve and promote the intangible heritage of India.