‘The Deccan: Medieval India’s Forgotten Superpower’ by Anirudh Kanisetti

“From 600-1100 CE, the Deccan was arguably the Subcontinent’s cultural and economic centre of gravity and shaped its religious and artistic history. Its medieval contemporaries acknowledged its prominence, and understanding their world can teach us a lot about our own.” – Anirudh Kanisetti on his lecture for Sarmaya Talks. Anirudh’s talk took place on 17 Feb 2023 at the Durbar Hall, Asiatic Society of Mumbai.

Anirudh Kanisetti is the award-winning author of Lords of the Deccan: Southern India from Chalukyas to Cholas. He is a historian, writer and host of two popular and critically acclaimed podcasts, Echoes of India and Yuddha.