The Splendour of The Forest by Pavitra Rajaram

In her talk, Sarmaya Brand Custodian Pavitra Rajaram examines the tensions between the eastern and western perspectives on nature, and considers how this creative push-and-pull is reflected in scientific treatises, indigenous art and contemporary narratives. Pavitra’s talk is richly illustrated by Gond, Mithila, Mata-ni-Pachedi and Bengal Patua paintings, Company School botanicals and works by such artists as Arundhati Vartak, Nirupa Rao and Jethro Buck.

Pavitra Rajaram is the Brand Custodian of Sarmaya, founder and Creative Director of the award-winning firm Pavitra Rajaram Design, and former lead designer at Good Earth, a brand she helped craft for over 20 years. She drives a digital-forward, experience-led brand strategy for Sarmaya, one that focuses on innovative programming to engage younger audiences in the art and history of India. Pavitra is most excited by projects that connect her with craftspeople and weavers. Books, textiles, travel and trees are a few of her favourite things.