‘The Sufi Mind: A flight of Curiosity and Love’ by Moin Mir

“From the pearl-like shrine in Sikri to the olive groves of Spain, Sufism flourished and nurtured philosophy, art and the sciences for centuries. Travels through India, Central Asia, Turkey and Spain have resulted in a novel glowing with the essence of Sufism. Discover the splendours of Sufism by following the footsteps of an 18th-century craftsman.”

Moin Mir is a writer of both non-fiction and fiction, who began writing under the influence of his grandfather, a scholar of Sufism, Omar Khayyam and Mirza Ghalib. His latest novel and the inspiration for this talk for Sarmaya is The Lost Fragrance of Infinity. This talk took place on 13 Jan 2023 at Durbar Hall, The Asiatic Society of Mumbai.