‘Those Magnificent Mughals: 400 Years of Design Inspiration’ by Pavitra Rajaram

In this talk, Pavitra takes us through the dazzling treasure trove of design inspiration left behind after 400 years of Mughal rule. From fashion to art and from architecture to design, the Mughals cast a long shadow on the cultural fabric of India.

Three themes hold an endless fascination for designer Pavitra Rajaram: gardens, textiles and Mughal queen Mehrunissa aka Nur Jahan. Pavitra is the lead designer at Good Earth, India’s iconic luxury lifestyle brand, and the founder and creative director of the award-winning interior design firm, Pavitra Rajaram Design. Since 2017, Pavitra has driven the experience-led brand strategy for Sarmaya, one that focuses on innovative programming to engage younger audiences in the art and history of India.