Forgotten City of Joy

In a collaboration between Sarmaya and India Lost & Found, we admire the fading beauty of Mandu, home to the delicate Malwa style of architecture

Portraits of a Pandemic

We asked photographers and artists how they interpreted the seasons of 2020 through their work to paint a portrait of an extraordinary year

On The Road in Madhubani

Photographer and author Chirodeep Chaudhuri curates a virtual exhibition of photographs taken during Sarmaya’s trip to Madhubani

Crossing Borders with Mithila

In this digital collaboration with the Mithila Museum in Japan, Sarmaya presents a breathtaking selection of works by the first-generation of Mithila artists to stun the global art world

Gaur: Glory, Ruin, Rediscovery

Once a seat of great power, the ancient city of Gaur lies in ruin, its hollowed-out walls holding stories, secrets and echoes of eminence

A Story of India in 12 Silver Coins

A rebellious empress, a great ruler of the south, a British queen taking the reins of a colony in revolt. Travel through time and discover Indian history through twelve exceptional silver coins

Delhi Most Iconic

Historian, scholar and author Rana Safvi curates a virtual exhibition on her favourite subject: Dilli

Dancing Queens

When Sarmaya got the chance to host an event with two of the most celebrated figures in Indian dance, we knew we had to push the envelope. We partnered with the dance company beej to bring Mallika Sarabhai and Anita Ratnam to Mumbai and engage them in a conversation about the transformative power of dance.… Read more »

Body & soul

Nudes reveal more about the artist than their naked subjects—at least, it’s fun to pretend this. Consider FN Souza’s  The Traders. Four figures stand in a line, touching each other intimately. The sexual organs are well-defined, the faces are mangled beyond recognition. Was Souza feeling cynical when he painted this? Did he see sex as… Read more »