Teacher Training – Saturday Art Class – Gond and Painted Photographs

Sarmaya is collaborating with Saturday Art Class to take our collection into BMC classrooms across Mumbai. Saturday Art Class (SArC) is an organisation that provides essential life skills as well as social and emotional learning through art. Sarmaya has worked with Saturday Art Class to develop lessons involving the Sarmaya collection,  keeping in mind SArC's objective of developing key life skills and values based on the foundation of social and emotional learning.  Our intervention opens up the world of Indian folk art and photography to the children encouraging them to immerse themselves in Indian art and photography and create their own.

Sarmaya’s first session was part of the training program conducted by Saturday Art Class for their coaches. Our team introduced the coaches to Sarmaya, and briefed them on the two genres they would be exploring over January and February 2020 – painted photographs and Gond. The session included a small activity using examples from painted photographs where the coaches painted their own self portraits with ideas of how they see themselves now and in the future.

The lesson plans and activities that Sarmaya and Saturday Art Class have developed will reach 1000 children in 24 BMC classrooms across Mumbai.