Sarmaya Spotlight is a magazine-style digital property that explores various themes in the universe of Indian history, art and culture through objects in our collection. Each issue of Spotlight includes interviews, articles, videos, 101 guides, virtual tours and social media campaigns. Browse our archive of over 30 Spotlights below.

February 2024

Forgotten Files

For the 39th issue of Spotlight, we’re bringing you some vanished traditions, unsung artists, lost scripts and other surprising facets of Indian history and art

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November 2023

Lion’s Share of History

As all eyes turn to Ahmedabad this month for the World Cup 2023 finale, we’re taking this excuse to immerse ourselves in the history and art of Gujarat for the 38th issue of Spotlight

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August 2023


For the 37th issue of Spotlight, we’re taking a look at disruptive technologies that made history. These include innovations in the field of photography, coin-making, art and publishing that didn’t simply change the game, they threw out the rulebook and gave the players superpowers!

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May 2023

Open Roads

For our 36th edition of Sarmaya Spotlight, we bring you the most picturesque destinations, thrilling travel stories and colourful souvenirs from across the Subcontinent

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January 2023

A Deccan Odyssey

Synonymous with the plateau that covers most of southern India, the Deccan is also an important historical region with a complex, multicultural past. For the 35th issue of Spotlight, we journey across its fabled lands.

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November 2022

Echoes of the Land

In November 2022, Sarmaya collaborated with Ojas Art to present our first exhibition in Delhi. In the 34th edition of our digital magazine, Spotlight, we examine some environmental, cultural and artistic themes from the show.

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September 2022

Reign of the Goddess

As the festive season draws near, we get to know some of the great goddesses of our culture in the 33rd issue of Sarmaya Spotlight

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June 2022

Sea of Stories

In the 32nd issue of Spotlight, we explore how the basic human instinct to stay close to water has shaped Indian culture, art and history

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February 2022

This Just In

Why do we collect what we do? The inexorable pull of nostalgia. The simple human need to draw closer to beauty. The undeniable thrill of acquisition. All these influence the act of collecting. At our archive, each potential addition to the collection is judged by one other criteria: Can this object expand our understanding of the Indian subcontinent and its inexhaustible vault of stories?

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October 2021

Madras Talkies

In 1639, a British trading company got permission from the local rulers to set up a factory on a thin strip of the Coromandel coast. Measuring about three square miles and lashed by the fury of the Bay of Bengal, Madraspatnam gave no early signs of the historic metropolis it would soon morph into

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