Tech disruptors from Indian history

For the 37th issue of Spotlight, we’re taking a look at disruptive technologies that made history. These include innovations in the field of photography, coin-making, art and publishing that didn’t simply change the game, they threw out the rulebook and gave the players superpowers! Objects that may seem quaint to us today— yellowing photos, battered coins, dogeared paperbacks, dented tubes of paint—once held the power to birth industries and destroy economies. Each of these relics represents a seismic shift in the way that humans make not just art, but also memories. For this issue, we will delve into the Sarmaya archive of photography, rare books, coins and art to highlight some inventions that shook the world. With the click of a shutter, the strike of an anvil, the stroke of a brush.

What is disruptive tech?

From minting money to printing books, and from taking photographs to making art, technology has dictated the evolution of many a human endeavour

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