Each object in the Sarmaya archive tells a story about our Subcontinent. To begin your own discovery of India, explore our collections.

Special Commissions by Sarmaya

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Sarmaya works closely with Indian artists to support them in bringing new visions to life through sustained patronage. This allows us to foster experimentation within increasingly endangered art forms. Artistic commissions by Sarmaya aim to spotlight such traditions as Rajasthani miniature painting, Andhra shadow puppetry known as Tholu Bommalaata, Bengal pattachitra or scroll painting and Gujarat’s textile paintings, Mata-ni-Pachedi.The most prolific among these has been the Issanama aka the Christ Commission, an artistic collaboration between Sarmaya founder Paul Abraham and traditional miniaturist and third-generation artist, Manish Soni of Bhilwara, Rajasthan.

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