Untitled (Gond painting)


The Untitled Gond-Pardhan painting is an acrylic on canvas work, made by artist Rajendra Kumar Shyam.

The artist paints a streak of tigers, seemingly running around in a loop. Two tigers appear to be adults, while the others look like cubs- one could presume that the artist has painted a family. Tigers are a common theme explored by the artist as well as the Gond-Pardhan paintings at large. Deer, peacocks and Saja trees are some themes the artist is drawn towards.

Born in July 1982, Rajendra Kumar Shyam is an artist from Madhya Pradesh, India. The pioneer of the Gond style Jangarh Singh Shyam was his uncle, Kumar worked under him in Bhopal. From a very young age, Rajendra was interested in Gond-Pardhan storytelling and the natural world around them. Today, Kumar has made the art form his own by marrying modern colour schemes & styles with the patterns prevalent in Gond painting.

Untitled (Gond Painting)
Rajendra Kumar Shyam
Gond Painting
Acrylic on canvas
Accession No.