Locating Christ: Ranjit Hoskote in conversation with Paul Abraham

Part of the Spotlight feature Inside the Issanama

Last month in Goa, we were proud to be present at the unveiling of the Issanama at the Serendipity Arts Festival 2018. It was part of a show curated by art critic, curator and poet Ranjit Hoskote and displayed at the Museum of Christian Art in the Church of Santa Monica, Old Goa. The venue also hosted a conversation between Paul Abraham and the curator of the show and renowned art critic, Ranjit Hoskote on 16 December. Among other things, the two discussed the inspiration for the project, its politics, its communities and the indigenous and syncretic artistic practices that it resurrects. Hoskote said in his introduction to the show: “The Issanama really shines forth as an example of how one can transmute all kinds of dissimilar cultural materials into something that is glowing, that is luminous, that is marvelous.” Watch their talk unfold and hear from the artist of the commission Manish Soni in the video above.