Forgotten Files

A lesser-known India

The portrait of an unnamed subject. An ancient script that only a vanishing few can read. An artist who never really got her due. Over the next two months, we’ll bring you some invisibilised or lesser-known facets of Indian history and art. From the Sarmaya collection, we’ll be showcasing coins that are over a thousand years old, maps of places that don’t exist anymore, modern art from a newly independent India and other objects that have much to still teach us about our own heritage.

Quiz: Ancient Indian Scripts

Ancient Indian scripts hold the key to secrets from our past that still being unravelled today. Take our quiz learn about these rich texts

Forgotten names on India’s map

India has seen the names of cities, rivers and even roads changed to reflect political realities, contemporary national narratives and the drawing of new borders. Take our quiz to see how well you know some of these forgotten monikers from the past