Lion’s Share of History

Some stories from Gujarat

As all eyes turn to Ahmedabad this month for the World Cup 2023 finale, we’re taking this excuse to immerse ourselves in the history and art of Gujarat for the 38th issue of Spotlight. We’ll be talking cities, food, textiles, dance, modern art and so much more, so bookmark this page and keep checking in over the next few weeks.

Gujarat, land of surprises

Like the beloved Gujarati breakfast of jalebi-fafda, the contrasting flavours of this region give its cultures an irresistible piquancy. Here are some surprising facts to pique your curiosity about Gujarat

Quiz: Arts of Gujarat

The arts and architecture of Gujarat reflect its vantage point as an ancient gateway for trade, migration, faith and more

River of Faith

Through the veins of a centuries-old textile art tradition flow the waters of a once-mighty river. Follow the journey of a Mata-ni-Pachedi painting as it takes birth on the banks of the Sabarmati

Brick by Brick: The Built Legacies of the Gujarat Sultanate

The Sultans of Gujarat built a lasting cultural legacy that lives on through the incredible mosques, tombs, palaces and shrines they left behind in Ahmedabad, Cambay, Patan and Champaner. Let's go on a tour of the Sultanate through rare photographs from the Sarmaya collection