Learning Links Foundation

In 2021, we partnered with Learning Links Foundation (LLF), a renowned non-profit organisation in the field of education dedicated to enriching lives through learning across age groups. They are present across India and working with several partner organisations and schools. The pandemic has been hard on the children forcing them to stay at home and avoid peer to peer learning and interaction. We worked with LLF to create a Sarmaya activity kit that included a 15 day calendar to provide a sense of calm, joy, learning and importantly routine during their vacation break. The kit included several focused activities from journaling about objects at home to drawing botanicals, doing breathing and stretching exercises and tracing Jangarh Singh Shyam's famous Gond artwork of a tiger that is in the Sarmaya Collection. The kit was translated in Marathi, Tamil and Oriya and reached over 8000 children through facilitator-led sessions across three states. We received an overwhelming response from both facilitators and the children with images of completed activities and beautiful artworks being sent to us, reflecting the deep need and engagement with art, especially in these difficult, uncertain times. We look forward to building more art based learning activities and workshops with LLF.