South Indian

Krishna Raja Wodeyar, Copper, 5 Cash, Type III

The Wodeyars of Mysore issued a number of copper coins in various denominations. The obverse of this copper coin issued by Krishna Raja Wodeyar depicts a caparisoned elephant with the Kanarese numeral one. On the reverse a three-line Kanarese legend and the lettering “5 Cash” – denoting the denomination, but has worn off.

A Narrative of the Military Operations on the Coromandel Coast

This rare book from 1789 offers a good look at the different kingdoms that were part of the highly strategic and viciously fought Anglo-Mysore wars. It includes their battle-plans illustrated in maps, and brings to life the political events that went on behind the scenes. It includes 18 letters from 1779 to 1784 covering the… Read more »