Art and Wonderment

On September 9th, 2023, we teamed up with Art and Wonderment, an arts engagement organization led by Alisha Sadikot and Nishita Zachariah, to invite  a group of curious art enthusiasts in our archive. We opened up our collection through a session delving into the rich art traditions and histories of the Subcontinent.

We showcased a curated selection of objects from our collection, including artworks representing the Bhil, Bengal Pattachitra, and Mata ni Pachedi traditions. Among the notable artists highlighted were Bhuri Bai, Sanjay Chitara and Laltu Chitrakar. Additionally, we showcased artists who are pushing the boundaries of miniature art, including Waswo x Waswo with R. Vijay, Jethro Buck, and Alexander Gorlizki with Riyaz Uddin. We concluded the session by giving the participants an insight into contemporary patronage and a glimpse into projects like the Issanama and the fascinating world of Tholu Bommalata puppets.