The Birth of Christ

This later Mughal miniature shows the ‘Birth of Jesus Christ’ by an unidentified artist. True to the realm of Mughal miniatures of this time produced around European themes, the setup and backdrop remain entirely Indian. Women dressed in native ensembles and veils cater to the newborn as Mother Mary lies on a bed wrapped up… Read more »

The Holy Trinity Church, Murree

The Holy Trinity Church is located in Murree, a hill station in present-day Pakistan established by the British for the sake of troops in Peshawar riddled with excruciating heat, disease and other dangers of the frontier. Construction on the Holy Trinity Church began in 1848 when the British administration took over Punjab Province. It was… Read more »

Sainte Famille De Iesus Christ ( Sacra Christi Familia)

As the title of the etching suggests, pictured here is the Holy Family, traditionally and historically known as the ‘Holy Family of Françios I’ or ‘la Grande Sainte Famille Iesus Christ.’ The Virgin (Mother Mary) is seen seated right in front of the pillar, in the centre of the composition, and is holding up an… Read more »

Crucified Jesus

Jamini Roy was probably the first artist to depict Christ in an Indian vocabulary. He was looking to test the effectiveness of his bold line and flat colour technique on a subject which was remote from his personal life. Being an orthodox Hindu who had never read the old or new testaments, Roy saw the… Read more »