‘Mansur: A novel in twenty-four miniatures’ by Vikramajit Ram

“Set in Agra, 1627, Mansur: A Novel reimagines a day in the life of an imperial Mughal atelier. Ustad Mansur belonged to a distinguished group of master painters in the service of Jahangir. He specialised in watercolour life-studies—of unmatched realism and finesse—of flora and fauna, both native and exotic.” – Vikramajit Ram for Sarmaya Talks.… Read more »

World Photography Day 2023

 On 19 August 2023, on World Photography Day, we opened our archive to a group of photography enthusiasts to explore the journey of early photography in India.

‘Dakhni: A language hiding in plain sight’ by Yunus Lasania

“Contrary to popular perception, it is not Urdu but Dakhni that is spoken widely in the south, especially by Muslims. Dakhni is deeply rooted in the cultures of Chennai, Bengaluru and parts of Andhra Pradesh.” – Yunus Lasania for Sarmaya Talks. Yunus Lasania is a Hyderabad-based journalist with over a decade of experience in reporting.… Read more »

What is disruptive tech?

From minting money to printing books, and from taking photographs to making art, technology has dictated the evolution of many a human endeavour