‘Ornamenting the Walls of an Imperial Capital: Fathpur Sikri and its surface decorations’ by Nadeem Rezavi

“The wall paintings at Fathpur were first catalogued by E W Smith in 1895. Exactly a century later, I photographed them. Some that Smith saw have since disappeared; some not recorded by him, are now visible. What survives gives us a good idea of the Mughals’ worldview and their attempts at founding an all-inclusive culture.” – Nadeem Rezavi for Sarmaya Talks.

Syed Ali Nadeem Rezavi is a Professor at Aligarh Muslim University and the author of many research publications including Fathpur Sikri Revisited. He is Secretary of the Indian History Congress and runs Aligarh Society of History and Archaeology (ASHA).

This event took place on 25th August, 2023, at Durbar Hall, The Asiatic Society of Mumbai.