‘The Unknown Story of the First INA’s Espionage Wing’ by Vijay Balakrishnan

“The story of the Indian National Army (INA), and its secret espionage wing is relatively unknown. My purpose in writing this book is to let the world know of the extraordinary unsung sacrifices of men like my grand-uncle as they navigated a shadowy hall-of-mirrors with blurred lines between friend and foe, while hastening the end of Britain’s Indian Empire 75 years ago.” Vijay Balakrishnan for Sarmaya Talks.

Vijay Balakrishnan (pen name: Vijay Balan) is a rocket-scientist turned storyteller. An avid history buff, he enjoys weaving insights and nuances from his wide travels and readings into his writing. He holds degrees in engineering from the University of Illinois and an MBA from The Wharton School. The Swaraj Spy, based on six and a half years of research, is the true story of his grand-uncle.

This event took place on 1st March 2024, at Pundole’s, Ballard Estate, Mumbai.