‘True To Their Salt’ by Ravindra Rathee

“The British held India by an army predominantly comprising Indian soldiers, and relied on their fidelity. This loyalty stood the test of time but was eventually breached during the Second World War, leading to India’s independence. True to Their Salt is a radical retelling of how India came to be colonized by a handful of Europeans in the 18th century, how they held sway over the country for almost two centuries, and their sudden departure from India in 1947, all told from the perspective of Indian soldiers.”

Ravindra Rathee started his career as a journalist with The Times of India in Delhi. After graduating from St Stephen’s College, he did an MA in politics at the University of Hull as a British Chevening Scholar. For the past two decades, he has worked in the city of London. True To Their Salt: The British Indian Army and an Alternative History of Decolonization is his first book—and the basis for this talk, which stems from extensive research on the military life of the author’s grandfather.

This edition of Sarmaya Talks took place on 9th February 2024, at Durbar Hall, The Asiatic Society of Mumbai.