‘The Ahom Dynasty: Genesis, Continuity and Legacy’ by Arup Kumar Dutta

‘In 1228 CE, some Shan or Tai warriors, led by a brave leader named Sukapha, left their homes in northern Myanmar and journeyed to Upper Assam. Here they set up the nucleus of what would become the powerful Ahom empire. For nearly six centuries, the Ahom kingdom spanned a greater part of the Brahmaputra Valley. The Ahom Dynasty was one of the greatest political entities in medieval Asia, and left a multifaceted and abiding legacy which needs to be acknowledged by Indian historians.’

Arup Kumar Dutta is an author and freelance journalist based in Guwahati, Assam. Among the forty books penned by him is The Ahoms – A Reimagined History, an imaginative depiction of the Ahom dynasty which ruled the Brahmaputra Valley for six hundred years.

This event took place on 1st March, at Pundole’s, Ballard Estate, Mumbai.