‘Qutb Shahi Necropolis: Conservation and Landscape Restoration’ by Ratish Nanda

“The necropolis of the Qutb Shahi Sultans at Golconda, Hyderabad, is a unique collection of 100+ monuments across a 106-acre landscape. Since 2013, the Aga Khan Trust for Culture has partnered with a host of agencies to conserve the monuments and restore their gardens.” – Ratish Nanda for Sarmaya Talks.

Ratish Nanda is a conservation architect and India CEO for the Aga Khan Trust for Culture. He heads inter-disciplinary teams implementing two urban conservation projects: Humayun’s Tomb – Sunder Nursery – Nizamuddin in Delhi, and Qutb Shahi Heritage Park at Golconda, Hyderabad. He has worked on the restoration of Baghe Babur, Kabul and the garden at Humayun’s Tomb. This event took place on 28th July, 2023, at Durbar Hall, The Asiatic Society of Mumbai.