Paul Abraham

Remembering PT Abraham, who planted the seed for Sarmaya

This is a short film in tribute to the memory of PT Abraham, our founder Paul’s father and the inspiration behind Sarmaya. Years ago, he gifted his son a bottle of 10 coins from the erstwhile south Indian kingdom of Travancore. This started Paul off on a journey of studying history and collecting precious relics… Read more »


  A special edition of Saturdays at Sarmaya with INTACH Mumbai saw founder Paul Abraham take our guests on a short journey through our collection on 6 October, 2018. Highlights of the walkthrough included: iconic 19th-century photographs by Felice Beato and Samuel Bourne, a sprawling Phad painting from Bhilwara, vibrant Gond art from Patangarh, two stunning Mata-Ni-Pachedi canvases from Ahmedabad and luminous Tholu Bommalaata puppets from Dharmavaram.… Read more »

The Man Behind Sarmaya

Meet Paul Abraham, the collector who turned a childhood hobby into a lifelong quest for beauty and wonder. For the story of Sarmaya is the story of one man following his curiosity through the history and art landscapes of India.