Building a Mithila Forest – Virtual Workshop

Sarmaya Arts Foundation conducted a virtual workshop with KK Academy, Lucknow on 26th October 2020.

The workshop was held for an excited group of 21 participants between the ages of 6-8 years as well as a few teachers. It was an art based learning session introducing the students to Mithila or Madhubani, the beautiful indigenous art form from Bihar. Nature is a major inspiration for Mithila artists and the aim of the workshop was to share some of the uniquely patterned birds, animals, fish and flora that Mithila artists often recreate in their work.

It was an engaging session with several questions, laughter and mini activities. The students drew their own Mithila forests with fish, animals and trees. The workshop was successful in introducing patterns, colours and visual elements of the Mithila style to the young students as well as in encouraging them to think, imagine and create their own versions of Mithila art. We were thrilled to hear the feedback from the students including an excited 7 year old who loved the session, saying it was incredible!