Kam Bakhsh, Silver Rupee of Haidarabad Dar ul-Jihad Mint

After Aurangzeb’s death in the year 1707, a war of succession emerged among his three surviving sons. Muazzam, the Governor of Kabul, Azam, the Governor of Gujarat, and Kam Baksh who was the Governor of Deccan, fought each other for the throne. Towards Ahmednagar, Azam had proclaimed himself emperor while on the other hand, the… Read more »

Jahangir, Silver Rupee (Rupiya)

This silver square rupee coin was issued by Jahangir. An inscription in Persian on the obverse reads ‘”Noor ud din Jahangir Shah Akbar Shah.” The reverse shows the Persian month Shahrewar, Ilahi date, and zarb, with test marks appearing on both sides. The Ilahi month inscribed on this silver coin is ‘Shahrewar.’ Jahangir took a… Read more »

Jahangir, Silver Rupee (Rupiya) of Kabul Mint

This coin is a ‘noordah’ couplet coin minted in the town of Kabul. It reads ‘Tazand az namme jahangir shah, sikka buwad noor dahe mihr-o-mah, do chashmi he, zarb kabul’. The coin is silver and struck inside a circle. The coin flan is broad and the inscription on both obverse and reverse appears interspersed with… Read more »

Jahangir, Silver Coin of Agra Mint

Among the Mughals, Jahangir was undoubtedly the greatest patron of the arts, the man with The Eye. To him, even an object of prosaic commerce like the coin deserved to have beauty poured upon it. Jahangiri currency encompasses a remarkable variety of coins with interesting calligraphy and portrait designs. Because he was passionate about poetry,… Read more »

Jahangir, Silver Rupee (Rupiya) of Patna Mint

This coin was minted in Patna with an ‘Alam Panah’ couplet. It reads ‘Shahe Nooruddin Jahangir, Ibn Akbar Badshah, Sikka e zad dar shahera patna, Khushru e Alampanah’. Jahangir took a keen interest in coinage, minting some of the best specimens from the Mughal period. His reign saw a vast variety of coinage. He popularised… Read more »