This year, Sarmaya Education kicked off our on-ground collaboration with Pratham Education Foundation as part of their initiative, PraDigi Creativity Club. So far, Sarmaya has created memorable learning experiences through art for students in Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra.

The Pratham Creativity Club offers three levels of engagement: All, Some and Few. Based on digital resources created for the Sarmaya x Pratham collaboration on numismatics , the' All' level challenge reached 1000+ communities in Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. Children designed their coins using these audio-visual resources, resulting in over 5,000 entries. Selected entries advanced to the 'Some' level.

In Sehore and Damoh, Madhya Pradesh, approximately 170 communities participated in the 'Some' level workshops. Sarmaya created an interactive resource to introduce kids to the concept of a museum. Using this, 140 young participants worked in teams to curate unique exhibits along the theme 'Museum of Play.'

In March 2024, Sarmaya's education team conducted two-day camps at Karad and Latur in Maharashtra for students who had progressed to the 'Few' level. Our team introduced children to the concept of perceived and monetary value, using historical artefacts and art from the Sarmaya collection. The camp featured interactive, hands-on activities, blending experiential learning, individual and group tasks, tactile play, and interactive cues. Children created their own currency, learned storytelling, collaborated in making scroll paintings on the theme of pollution, and participated in a fun auction, bidding with the coins they had created.

Goals of our engagement:

  1. Enable participants to gain a comprehensive understanding of how value is attributed to objects in our immediate environment.
  2. Foster an appreciation for diverse artistic traditions.
  3. Enable participants to grasp the significance of museums in preserving and showcasing cultural heritage.
  4. Cultivate a deep, enduring connection with art.
  5. Stimulate creativity among participants.