Gathering on a Family Farm


Quirky and humorous, ‘Gathering of a Family Farm’ is a work of artist Alexander Gorlizki with Riyaz Uddin.

Here, the artists have painted over an unidentified family portrait in miniature style. They toy with and expand the ideas of painted photography and family portraiture.

The painting makes use of a collage-like technique and at the same time betrays the art of graffiti – the photograph being the wall that the graffiti artists work on. British-born artist Alexander Gorlizki creates his own dream world with miniature master artist Riyaz Uddin. Together they paint over family portraits, borrowing from the tradition of painted photography, an art form prevalent in India during the 20th century.

Gorlizki brings in the ideas, drawing the composition of the painting, indicating where and how he wants his subjects in the photograph, and Uddin is the skilled hand that paints this composition using his jewel-coloured pigments with unbelievable intricacy.

Gathering on a Family Farm
Alexander Gorlizki with Riyaz Uddin
Pigment and Gold on handmade canvas
H: 28.5cm x W: 32cm
Accession No.