Contemporary Art

Cloud over the landscape

“Cloud over the landscape” is a deep engagement with the subjectivity of maps and their inherent function as history-making devices.Using interventions like painting, erasing and burning the photographic image before it is transferred onto wood, artist Saju Kunhan creates room for accidents, mistranslations and loss of information. In elaborating on his method in the catalogue… Read more »

Anju Acharya and the circle of life

Artist Anju Acharya’s gaze may seem coolly observational at first, but it is in fact informed by deep wells of emotion and sensitivity towards her environment

Mapping Mirages: The art of Saju Kunhan

Walking the path of the historian, archivist and craftsman, Saju Kunhan creates room for cultures, centuries and civilisations to constantly collide and create new meanings

Shifting Selves

Something beautiful and bizarre starts to happens when you place disparate works of art and history next to each other. Like a creeper putting out tendrils to investigate higher ground, these objects begin to reach out and whisper to each other. Connections crackles across mediums, styles and eras. Universal themes shine through like iridescent threads.… Read more »


Dhruvi Acharya’s paintings portray the urban woman. She creates a canvas that most often depicts a comic-like female figure in a visual world unique to each painting. In this world thoughts exist as real entities and human forms take on aspects of their emotional personalities. Often these figures are represented with blank expressions and blank… Read more »

The Interview Panel

‘The Interview Panel’ is a typical example of the works of Alexander Gorlizki and Riyaz Uddin; quirky and humorous. Here, the artists have worked over an unidentified painted photograph in miniature style. They toy with and expand the ideas of painted photography and miniature art. The compositions, colours and intricate patterns drawn on these family… Read more »

Gathering on a Family Farm

Quirky and humorous, ‘Gathering of a Family Farm’ is a typical example of the works of artist Alexander Gorlizki with Riyaz Uddin. Here, the artists have painted over an unidentified family portrait in miniature style. They toy with and expand the ideas of painted photography and family portraiture. In the photograph, characters appear to be… Read more »

Wild Things

Created using oil paint and 22 ¾ gold leaf on Gesso panels, Jethro Buck’s painting ‘Wild Things’ borrows and meshes together a potpourri of images from across the global landscape – from pastoral England to Mughal India. This miniature style painting teases a range of dynamic figures – animal and human – who go about… Read more »

A Mother’s Day Art Roundup

The bond between mother and child has been a uniquely potent theme for art around the world and across the ages. From  Kitagawa Utamaro’s ‘Midnight: Mother and Sleepy Child’ (1790) to Gustav Klimt’s ‘Hope II’ (1907-08), here are eight pieces to revisit in time for Mother’s Day.

Creation of Other

A lot of Pradeepkumar’s work deals with the subject matter of figures and their role in a world that was created for them. His art invites the viewer to lurk into this world of shrubbery and nature to try to understand its significance. His focus on native and rural aspects directly alludes to his identity… Read more »

Emergency Funds for the Arts

How can governments support the arts and cultures sectors from the economic damage caused by the global coronavirus pandemic? Germany and UK are among the earliest countries to have set forth examples, launching aid packages for both individuals and organizations during the arts and culture sector.

Art and Social Distancing

As a large portion of the world’s population takes up social distancing and self imposed quarantines to slow the spread of covid-19, here are fifteen artworks that may prove particularly relatable. From Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s ‘Veronica Veronese’ (1872) to A$AP Rocky’s ‘Lab Rat ‘(2018), they explore themes of social isolation and loneliness, and capture the bleakness… Read more »

Biraaj Dodiya Debut

Experimenter Gallery in Kolkata is showcasing the debut solo exhibition of artist Biraaj Dodiya, titled ‘Stone is a forehead.’ The show – which takes its name from a poem, Lament for Ignacio Sanchez Mejías by Spanish poet Federico García Lorca – contains a series of paintings and sculptures and explores themes of personal memory, loss… Read more »

Mehlli Gobhai Retrospective

“Don’t Ask Me About Colour,” a retrospective of late abstractionist Mehlli Gobhai’s works will preview on 6 March 2020 at the National Gallery of Modern Art, Mumbai.  Supported by Chemould Prescott Road, and curated by Ranjit Hoskote and Nancy Adajania, the show will feature over 200 of his artworks spanning over seven decades.

A Capital for African Art

Marrakech, which recently hosted the third edition of the 1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair – one of the foremost global art fairs dedicated to African art – has been the subject of a lot of buzz lately. The city has seen openings of many premier art institutions dedicated to promoting contemporary African art and artists… Read more »

Twenty years of Tao

Mumbai’s Tao Gallery is set to celebrate its 20th anniversary by putting forth a special show starting the end of February 2020. Titled ‘A Tapestry of Time,’ the show will feature works by 66 artists including the likes of Brinda Miller, Atul Dodiya, Madhvi Parekh and Dhruvi Acharya. It will also cover a range of… Read more »