Thakore Sahib of Morvi with Mahendrasingh, Prince of Morvi

Early 20th century

This is a studio portrait of Thakur Sahib Maharaja Lakhdirji Waghji and the young Mahendrasingh of Morvi. They represent two generations of the Jadeja Rajputs who ruled the state of Morvi on the Kathiawar peninsula.

In 1807, the East India Company declared the state of Morvi a British protectorate, a system by which local rulers could retain their power over the realm while the imperial forces handled defence and diplomacy. Thakore Ravaji II, who succeeded the throne in 1846. He used this period of stability to invest in the development of Morvi.

His grandson Lakhdirji Waghji, who is seen seated in this photograph, was also a progressive ruler who built public spaces and provided amenities to improve the lives of his citizens. Mahendrasingh, the young lad in this photo, was his eldest son. He had a passion for polo, golf and Art Deco architecture. In 1947, he would oversee the final transfer of power that delivered Morvi to the newly born Dominion of India.

Thakore Sahib of Morvi with Mahendrasingh, Prince of Morvi
Early 20th century
Lafayette Studios
H: 37.5 cm x W: 26 cm
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