Of Knights and Chivalry

A new exhibition at the Louvre Abu Dhabi looks at how practices of combat and knighthood led to the development of various codes of chivalry in regions ranging from Iraq and Syria in the Eastern world, to France and Spain in the West. “Furusiyya: The Art of Chivalry Between East and West” will bring together… Read more »

What Lies Beneath

Travel back in time at the Bunker Museum at Raj Bhavan in Mumbai, where you can get a taste of military life in the 19thcentury. The underground bunker, comprising 13 rooms which were used to store ammunition, was discovered in 2016 and has been restored by conservation architect (and Sarmaya speaker) Vikas Dilawari.

The History of the Indian Mutiny

This book gives a detailed account of sepoy insurrection in India along with a concise history of the military events that led to the consolidation of British Empire in India.

Plan of the Attack on Delhi

This is a print of the map showing the plan of the British attack on the city of Delhi, during the Uprising of 1857. Various clusters of directional lines with coordinates mark areas where the British troupes advanced. Landmarks such as the Landlow Castle and the ‘rampart’ hint that the advance is from the Ridge… Read more »

Plan of Operations in Lucknow during the 1857 Rebellion

This map shows the plan of operations to carry out the Siege of Lucknow in 1857. During the Uprising, Lucknow held out for much longer than the rest of the strongholds of northern India, and an operation had to be devised by the British troupes to evacuate trapped and imprisoned Europeans from the Residency building.… Read more »

Plan of the Position of the British Forces in Delhi, 1857

This is a military map showing the various positions of the British Army, and the plan of their attack on the walled city of Shahjahanabad. Created during the Uprising of 1857, the map points out various important landmarks such as the Chandni Chowk and the Subzee Mandi as also the gates around the fort such… Read more »

View of Lucknow

During the Uprising of 1857, events in the city of Lucknow took a rather violent turn. As the news of the Uprising broke, the British officials and their families took shelter in the Residency, while the rebelling soldiers blocked every means of outside contact for them and continued their attacks for over 90 days. A… Read more »

Attack on the Mutineers at Cawnpore

Kanpur was the scene of a massacre after the city’s besieged occupants, including women and children, surrendered to the revlting natives on 27 June 1857. The recapture of the city then and the avenging of the massacre became a primary objective of the British officials. The city was retaken from the natives on 16 July… Read more »

A Narrative of the Military Operations on the Coromandel Coast

This rare book from late 18th century offers a look at the different kingdoms that were part of the highly strategic and viciously fought Anglo-Mysore wars. It includes 18 letters from 1779 to 1784 covering the British Army’s operations in India, as well as several illustrations of the Isle of France, and charts. Maps include… Read more »