WATCH: The Chettinad Affair

Part of the Spotlight feature The Chettinad Affair

In the second edition of Sarmaya’s Art of Travel, we assembled once more as a band of travellers ready for our next adventure. Each of us brought our own life experience, unique perspective and unquenchable inquisitiveness to form a lively group that found its way down south, amid the 75-odd villages that form the region of Chettinad in Tamil Nadu. We explored its grand mansions in elegant decay, were awed by its ancient temples cut from rock centuries ago, were consumed by the flavours of its extraordinary cuisine, found joy in its brightly checked weaves, and through it all, remained utterly charmed by its gentle people. This was an unforgettable experience, and we can’t wait for the next one.

Join us as we revisit this journey and recapture the memories of a lifetime.