Name, Place, Animal, Wings!- Virtual Workshop

Artist Shailee Mehta conducted a fun virtual workshop for children ages 9 to 14 inspired by the themes of Sarmaya’s Mumbai show, ‘Shifting Selves’

Trails & Tales

Early Indian Maps

Drawing Lines – Early maps of India

Collector’s Edition: Paul Abraham on ‘People of India’

Whose land is it anyway?

We examine the themes presented in Saju Kunhan’s work as they are represented in our collection of rare 19th-century portraits, war photography, engravings, contemporary art and Warli painting

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Zarina Hashmi and the idea of home

Witness to the horrors of Partition as a child, Zarina dedicated her decades-long career to exploring the idea of home and belonging, and the lingering pain of displacement

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Reading between the lines

From medieval coins to colonial-era photography, we bring a diverse array of objects from our collection that reinforce the arguments made by Saubiya Chasmawala’s art

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To the earth we return

Through surreal Gond art, witty feminist narratives and earthy Pattachitra scrolls from our collection, we further the themes that influence Rithika Merchant’s paintings

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Anju Acharya and the circle of life

Artist Anju Acharya’s gaze may seem coolly observational at first, but it is in fact informed by deep wells of emotion and sensitivity towards her environment

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Mayank Shyam and the forest of Gond

If there’s one lesson Mayank Shyam has learnt from his father and legendary Gond artist Jangarh Singh Shyam, it is to be wholly, joyously, uncompromisingly himself and true to the soil that has nourished him

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Sarmaya X TARQ: In conversation with Hena Kapadia

‘majha’ by Gaurav Ogale x Farah Mulla

Notes by the artist on ‘majha’, an audio-visual mix media installation by Gaurav Ogale x Farah Mulla

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Where do we go from here?

Faced with the ravages of the global pandemic, we’re all seeking comfort, beauty and a way to strengthen that inner light no storm can disturb. ‘Shifting Selves’ offers the balm of art and history as it documents this journey inward

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Making Meaning: The art of Saubiya Chasmawala

Is there a way to return to the site of an old injustice and reclaim our power? Saubiya Chasmawala’s haunting, hypnotic art attempts a revision of exactly this sort

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Mining Mythology: The art of Rithika Merchant

The colours of Gond art, the figures of ancient Egypt and the stories of Greek mythology flower organically on her canvas and demand a closer re-reading

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Mapping Mirages: The art of Saju Kunhan

Walking the path of the historian, archivist and craftsman, Saju Kunhan creates room for cultures, centuries and civilisations to constantly collide and create new meanings

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Shifting Selves

Something beautiful and bizarre starts to happens when you place disparate works of art and history next to each other. Like a creeper putting out tendrils to investigate higher ground, these objects begin to reach out and whisper to each other. Connections crackles across mediums, styles and eras. Universal themes shine through like iridescent threads.… Read more »

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