Reign of the Goddess

As the festive season draws near, we get to know some of the great goddesses of our culture in the 33rd issue of Sarmaya Spotlight

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Work & worship – Goddesses of learning and living

The road to learning—and earning—is guided by these benevolent goddesses

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Miracle cure – Goddesses of health

The devis, matas, ammas and other female divinities who have been called upon, time and time again, to save humanity from disease, death and its own hubris

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Mighty mother – Goddesses of plenty

She predates language, defies borders and annihilates evil. Dhartari, Durga, Lakshmi, Mariamman–meet the mother goddesses of India

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Memories of the Water Bearer

To a weary traveller or parched soldier in 19th-century India, there was perhaps no sight as welcome as the approach of a bhishti. A quick untwisting of the mouth of the mashaq slung over his shoulder, and cool clear water would splash into a grateful cupped palm.

10 interesting facts about Mughal gardens

Mughal emperors considered gardens as one of the most important architectural components of their state—so what made a garden adequately ‘Mughal’? Here are 10 clues

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Ripple effect

Bombay’s Jewish Communities:Diaspora, Identity and History by Sifra Lentin

Bombay Imagined: The City of Unrealised Dreams by Robert Stephens

Mercenaries, Merchants & Medicine-Men by Paul Abraham

The Splendour of The Forest by Pavitra Rajaram

‘By saving our tigers, we saved our rivers too’

Stepping into the underground splendour of Delhi’s baolis

Sea of Stories

In the 32nd issue of Spotlight, we explore how the basic human instinct to stay close to water has shaped Indian culture, art and history

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Gateways to India

The sea is witness to much that defines India and our port cities are the sentinels of change. Let’s travel to some old and new ports through the Sarmaya collection of maps and engravings and imagine them at the peak of their power

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River of Faith

Through the veins of a centuries-old textile art tradition flow the waters of a once-mighty river. Follow the journey of a Mata-ni-Pachedi painting as it takes birth on the banks of the Sabarmati

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