Paul Abraham in conversation with Sona Bhasin

Sarmaya x TARQ present ‘Shifting Selves – Between meaning, mythology & mirage’

First in the series of collaborations between Sarmaya and India’s leading art galleries

Assam’s Mighty Ahom Dynasty

Age of Empires – Reading List

Hindu Temple Architecture

Nagara, Dravidian, Vesara: Temple Styles of India

“You can’t visit Hampi in a day”

Respected art historian of the Vijayanagara empire, Dr (Sr) Anila Verghese illustrates what makes the art and architecture of the era unique. Through objects from the Sarmaya collection, she points us in the direction of secrets and stories hidden in plain sight at Hampi

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Forgotten City of Joy

In a collaboration between Sarmaya and India Lost & Found, we admire the fading beauty of Mandu, home to the delicate Malwa style of architecture

The Lure of Lost Kingdoms

We hope this Spotlight will leave you feeling intrigued and wanting to know more about the glorious, ambitious, farsighted, but ultimately, fallible personalities who once ruled India

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Age of the Empires

The thrill of serendipity, the awakening of the imagination, the inevitability of being devoured heart and soul by a world you didn’t even know existed until this moment. In a way, being a student of history is like being an astronomer. Especially if the subject of study is an ancient or forgotten kingdom. Click to… Read more »

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Brick by Brick: The Built Legacies of the Gujarat Sultanate

The Sultans of Gujarat built a lasting cultural legacy that lives on through the incredible mosques, tombs, palaces and shrines they left behind in Ahmedabad, Cambay, Patan and Champaner. Let’s go on a tour of the Sultanate through rare photographs from the Sarmaya collection

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Rock & Ruler: Golconda’s Trail of Diamonds

Empire of Faith: Into the realm of the Buddha & the Mauryas

Most Indians are familiar with the great emperors and exploits of the Mauryan empire. But until a few hundred years ago, their legacies lay buried in ruins, their faith forgotten by time. This is the story of a remarkable resurrection

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Of Silk and Spice: A Tale of Two Empires

Sometimes rulers are remembered in song, sometimes in the clinking of coins. Let’s explore the empires of the Cheras and Kushans, whose greatness is echoed in the trade routes they forged

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Untitled (Gond Art)

Book of Kings: Early Mughal portraits in Muraqqa’s

Sarmaya x Museum Rietberg

We were excited to collaborate with Museum Rietberg, Zurich for a first-of-its-kind virtual event in September 2020. For the event we looked at the parallels and legacies of two ancient forms of shadow puppetry in India and Indonesia: Tholu Bommalata and Wayang Kulit.   Paul Abraham, Founder, Sarmaya Arts Foundation with Johannes Beltz, Deputy Director,… Read more »

Metal Head: Royal Portraiture on the Ancient and Medieval Coins of India

The rulers of a bygone India put their likenesses on coins to announce in unambiguous terms their absolute dominance over the land. What else do these tiny metal portraits tell us about the subject in question? Let’s peel back the layers

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