K Laxma Goud is a master of many mediums. He works with drawings, etchings, silkscreen, watercolours and gouache, as well as clay, ceramic, terracotta and bronze sculptures. He took to printmaking shortly after he graduated from Baroda School, and says he draws immense pleasure from the medium, the tools and especially the drawing of the line. In his plates and prints much like the one shown here, he plays with monochrome creating several layers of greyish black between his pure black and pure white. He believes monochrome is as powerful as a colourful medium.

This etching plate and print represents a common man. He is dressed in a traditional Muslim head-cap or ‘topi’, and is wearing a patterned scarf with a beaded necklace. Through details like these the artist creates spot-on typology of the rural populous of Telangana. In the print, one can notice significant amount of texture and shading, showcasing play of different shades of grey. Certain facial features are emphasized such as the averted almond-shaped eyes, the nose, which is highlighted and lighter than the rest of the face, and the teeth, which are slightly discolored and crooked. The artist aims to seduce his audience with these pure lines, making them believe in the reality of this man’s existence.

K. Laxma Goud completed his art education from the Government School of Art and Architecture in Hyderabad and then went on to study Mural Painting and Printmaking at the M.S. University in Baroda. To read more, click here.

K Laxma Goud
Etching with accompanying plates
H: 50 cm W: 59.5 cm
Accession No.