Dewan Purnaiya, Regent for Krishnaraja Wodeyar, Copper 25 Cash

1799-1810 C.E.(AH 1214-1225)

This is a copper coin issued by Krishnacharya Purniya who was the regent (or Dewan) of the Mysore monarch Krishnaraja Wodeyar. On the obverse side is the depiction of the “Sardula” – a mythological beast with leonine features and horns, and an inscription in Kanarese in two registers. On the topmost register of this side is the word “Shri” inscribed between the sun and the moon. On the reverse side is another Kanarese legend naming the mint (Mahisoor, present-day Mysore) and a central section inscribed with the word “Krishna”. But the value of the coin “XXV CASH” meaning ’25 Cash’ is written in English and Latin numerals.

Dewan Purnaiya, Regent for Krishna Raja Wodeyar, Copper 25 Cash
1799-1810 C.E.(AH 1214-1225)
Sardula (mythical tiger)
Mint name in Persian: 'Mahisoor' Copper 25 Cash
Mahisoor (now Mysore)
Accession No.